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Households and Toiletries Manufacturing Company (HTM) HTM is a member of Munir Sukhtian group of companies and one of the pioneers in the households and toiletries industry in Jordan, with a registered capital of 2.1 million USD. HTM was established in 1972 for the production of liquid, paste and powder detergents and antiseptics, as well as cosmetics and oral care products. In order to satisfy local and international demands on our products, we have established in 1991 a second plant in the north area of Irbid for manufacturing aerosol products. In addition to our own line of products, we produce under license of international company: 1. Fumakilla (Japan).

Our wide range of high quality products is categorized into the following lines:
1. Skin Care Products: Creams, Body lotions, Sunscreens, Depilatory Creams, Whitening Cream, Foot Cream and Nail Polish Removers.
2. Body Care Products: Body Deodorants
3. Men's Care Products: Shaving Cream, Shaving Gel and After-Shave Balm.
4. Hair Care Products: Kids Shampoo, Adults Shampoo, Conditioners, Styling Gels, Hairspray, Hair Straighteners and Creams.
5. Oral Care Products: Mouthwashes, Adult Toothpastes, Junior Tooth Gel and Cosmetic/Treatment Toothpastes.
6. Baby Care Products: Cream, Powder, Shampoos, Lotion and Oil.
7. Personal Care Products: Hand Sanitizer Gel, Hand & Body Wash, and Antiseptic for Personal Care.
8. Foot Care Products: Foot Powder, Foot Cream and Foot Spray
9. Antiseptics/Disinfectants: Antiseptic Disinfectant Solutions, General Disinfectant, Alcohol 76% and Bowl Cleaner.
10. Medical Supplies: Povidone Iodine, Hydrogen Peroxide and Ultrasound Gel.
11. Herbo cosmeceutical Products: Massage Cream, Cold Gel and Ointment for Wounds & Burns.
12. Air fresheners and Colognes.
13. Detergents: Bleaching Powder, Scouring powder, Heavy Duty Detergents, Dishwashing Liquid, Carpet Shampoo, Furniture Polish, Glass Cleaners, Computer Cleaner and All- Purpose Cleaners.
14. Insecticides: Aerosol Insecticide, Roach Killer and Mat Insecticide.
15. Others: Snow Foam.

In order to continuously satisfy customer's requirement, we have established a Research a Development Department, which is considered one of the leading R&D divisions in the Jordanian chemical and cosmetics industries. Utilizing state of the art equipments and the latest scientific researches, the R&D staff is dedicated to develop high quality products according to customer requirements under the supervision of the licensers

HTM has developed and maintained a Quality Management System that satisfies the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 international standard. Accordingly, we were recommended for certification of quality system by SGS-ICS. HTM has developed and maintained an Environmental Management System that complies with the requirements of the ISO 14001:2004 international standard. We were recommended for certification of Environmental System by SGS-ICS. As an integral part of the quality system, the quality of our products conforms to the Jordanian & International Industry standards.

We were one of the leading Jordanian companies to transfer for the application of environment friendly materials. Our factory in Irbid was the first Aerosol Company in Jordan to convert from the use of CFCs as propellants for its aerosol product to Hydrocarbon LPG as an environment friendly propellant. Safety measures are highly regarded especially in Irbid plant through the use of automatic alarms, safety clothing, facility planning and other necessary measures.

The wide range of high quality products offered to our customers is supported by a powerful marketing and sales staff who is dedicated to serve our customers throughout Jordan using one of the largest distribution networks in the country. Our products are also exported to regional and international markets including Arabian Gulf Countries, North Africa, Near-East Asian countries as well as Latin America and some European countries.

We are committed to offering high quality products and services to satisfy the needs of our customers worldwide.