R & D

At the helm of the industry

Over the years, the Jordanian workforce has differentiated itself through exhibiting exceptional talents in pharmacy, chemistry, and other life sciences. HOUSEHOLDS & TOILETRIES MANUFACTURING COMPANY – SUKHTIAN (HTM) carefully selects the top such Jordanian scientists to work in the company’s Research and Development Department (R&D).

Consequently, our R&D Department is considered today a leader in the Jordanian pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetics industries that is specializing in the field of herbocosmoceuticals.

Moreover, we are leveraging the history of the Sukhtian family in health and personal care businesses for more than 75 years, as well as the regional culture and tradition in the use of herbal treatments by the peoples of the Mediterranean Sea basin, to guide us in perusing such high benefit products.

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and the latest information in scientific research, our R&D staff continues to develop high quality products that repeatedly satisfy our customers’ needs and wishes.